Boca Chica Odyssey

This is about Planet Earth and the life upon it.

This is 235 images in chronological order from NASA Space Flight’s daily videos from Boca Chica Texas from March 28. ’19 to May 5. ’21.
Please subscribe and like NASA Space Flight on Youtube. In a way they bring the Best News and often in a zen-like way! So this video wants you to reflect over life on this planet but can also be shown in the background while  doing everything from yoga to workout.

The music is by my band Odyssey and the tempo of 72 bpm nicely describes a slightly excited pulse appropriate to the message of this video. Do you think the music is a bit too Spacy, you can turn off the Odyssey soundtrack and instead choose some music that speaks to your spirit.

As a biologist and mathematician, I would say that the odds for humanity have looked poor the last few decades. But it now looks much better with the initiatives Elon Musk has implemented! The video below has occasional biological considerations as subtitles.

For a stereo mix version (which could be hosted by NSF) on Youtube click here.

I have tried in several ways to get both Nasa SpaceFlight, BocaChicaMary and Jack Beyers permission to use their images, but they have not responded. It could be because they are flooded in fan messages or maybe that my project here sounded a little too strange !;)
So instead I’m now trying to publish it and see if anyone then responds and says I may not use these images in a video. (Then I have to go out with my own camera and look for 235 spectacular pictures;)

This is Mind Yoga (or alike). 

Just like sitting next to a bonfire, looking into the flames and letting the thoughts find their own paths.

A bonfire edition without the biology subtitles that can be used for multiple views here:

For a stereo mix version (which also could be hosted by NSF) on Youtube click here.

I have put a lot of work into making this video as I think it makes a lot of sense and as I am glad that it has become easier to tell my children that the future does not look so bad now! There is now a good chance that humanity can reach a higher level and at the same time take better care of our planet Earth!

If everyone will think about whether they want to belong to a successful species, it could benefit the Earth!

May, 13 2021 – Jan Printz