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A site for reviews of the surround mixes of Printz Music and other artists on (SM1)

Interstellar Sequence – Sequence Of Life

‘Just received the Blu ray ‘Interstellar Sequence’
Fantastic service!!
Now playing it.
The description read ..’Fantastic Album’

Well everybody, please support these people, as their description is 100% correct!!!!
Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream would be well proud of this.:51QQ:51QQ
Quite stunning.(y):smokin:smokin:smokin‘, by beerking on (qq)

Michell Guzmán – Redshift

(Released as mc flac + bluray + isofile + Q4 reels  2018/09/15 – Jan Printz mix)

Jan thank you so much for your wonderful work. I’m really happy with the final product. The 5.1 surround is the way I always envisioned my music due to its atmospheric nature. It finally came true thanks to you.” by Michell Guzmán on fb 2018/09/15

I’ve had a chance to hear this on headphones, listening to the fronts, then the rears, then the center. It’s a very discrete mix, from what I can tell and tastefully done. Sonics sound good to me and I like this musically, very much.
It’s very cool, IMO, that you’re teaming up with mlrocker to put out tapes! Way to go, Jan. I encourage others to give this a shot!” by edisonbaggins on qq


Frankenfido – Heartless

(Released  as mc flac 2018/01/31 – Ben Craven mix)

Excellent!” – by Simon A on qq


Ben Craven – Two False Idols

(Released  2012 & as mc flac 2017/12/03 on SM1 – Ben Craven mix)

Wow, what an awesome addition! I already have the album and concur that it’s amazing; I’m really glad to see it appear in your catalogue! is shaping up to be a really valuable resource, and I’m really happy about it. Keep up the great work!”  – by The Bright Side on qq


Brad Herbert – Surround Mixes Vol. 1

(Released as mc flac 2017/11/17 – Brad Herbert mix)

That is some crazy discreet stuff right there. I like it. Thanks!” by GOS on qq


The Amnis Initiative – CINEMATIC

(Released as mc flac 2017/10/05 – Amnismusic mix)

This album sounds awesome! You guys really have a knack for picking great music and releasing it in Surround.” – by The Bright Side on qq

Great Stuff” by joechip on qq



(Released as mc flac & DVDA-V iso-file 2016/09/09 – Symbion Project mix)

… nice and mellow, a good surround mix.” by DuncanS on qq

Symbion Project are very underrated- don’t get much attention , but come. highly recommended . Fantastic mixes.” by woody on qq


John Hickey – The Storm Tree Suite

(Released as mc flac 2017/11/06  – Jan Printz mix)

Hi – just wanted to say you did a great job with the 5.1 mix of John Hickey’s Storm Tree album. It really brought these wonderful, atmospheric pieces to life and enhanced the experience of listening to them. I look forward to hearing more 5.1 mixes from John in the future. Thanks Andy.” Andy B through (2018/03/16)


Keith Hopcroft – Route Secondaire

(Released as mc flac + bluray + isofile 2017/07/21  – Jan Printz mix)

It’s been a pleasure the last few months working together with Jan Printz. Remixing the ‘Route Secondaire ‘ album for 5.1surround sound. Jan is very thorough and doesn’t miss a thing as regards the sound. Suddenly, with the 5.1, details in the music I had almost overlooked jump out at you. Also thanks to Jan for setting up my Bandcamp page/ site . Also , in this area Jan details everything.” – Keith Hopcroft on (2017/10/11)


Mike Vieira – Disturbing the Universe

(Released as mc flac + bluray + isofile + Q4 reels  2017/06/18  – Cristale mix)

Review on Mediaversal Reviews

 I had a listen to your album, Mike – a lot of great songs, I do like the harder songs a lot and “Skeletons Under Cover” are great! Very nice surround and fidelty – my Foobar shows a nice recording level and DR – great.    Impressive stuff” – by Spock on qq


Odyssey – Metastasia

(Released 2016/08/16 on Bandcamp and 2017/05/29 on SM1 as mc flac + bluray + AVCHD-DVD+ isofile  – Jan Printz Mix)

I have been listening to the 5.1 version for a while now and really like the music on this album.
Its a nice mix of 70,s and a modern Proggy instrumental style and really is quite good.” By Joe Chip on (qq)

Very decent 5.1 mixes and nice textures all throughout!” – Colman on qq