How the music releases can help Tesla/SpaceX and vice versa

How the music releases can help Tesla + SpaceX and vice versa

Here I explain how music in surround sound and companies like Tesla & SpaceX can benefit each other and help bands in the same time.
This video is with 5.1 surround sound (will be downmixed on a stereo setup)

The text used in the video:

Using a software update only* to support surround sound audio with the same total output effect.
Hi-res music as surround sound embraces you and enriches your life, as a counterweight to noise taking away millions of years of our lifespan globally.

Tesla  benefits with an audio programming upgrade:

  • This will make music sound twice as good makes the journey greater when driving on the road, especially in traffic jams or in long tunnels.
  • Those who want to drive safer could activate a Surround Sound Attention System that gives alerts or gentle tones of choice if for example something comes closer from the right side behind. Like shown on the screen, but now with audio for those who prefer to keep the eyes on the road as much as possible. The hearing sense in humans are some milli seconds faster than the sight, when the sounds comes close to our head (after a few meters the speed of sound gets too slow compared with light)
  • If Tesla publicly asked for more music in surround sound, then the artists and record companies definitely finally will see that ther’s a market for it and speed up releases in surround sound! The first site for streaming music in surround sound has run since 2017. It’s also possible to support some artists and buy and download zip files with hi-res multichannel FLAC files. When opensource media players like Foobar2000 can cache and play these zip-files directly then it’s possible for others too. Else an option could be having/downloading multichannel files on a USB or micro-SD card.

SpaceX benefits:

  • A Surround Sound Attention System also could be some use in the Dragon Capsule or coming Spaceship; The position of where the sound comes from can be set to mean different important things like where to point your attention helped by the faster hearing sense.  So front speakers in the touch screens and rear speaker installed in the seats or helmets could give faster reaction of the pilots.
  • Flying Starships to other moons or planets takes time and here music and movies with surround sound will make the journey better for the people onboard.

Why Tesla and SpaceX are the best candidates for this is shown here

Benefits for musicians releasing music

  • Especially in these times, musicians have a hard time earning a living. Most music can be heard for free on Spotify or Youtube. But not in a good quality! Fans should be allowed to buy the music they love in the best quality possible (and support the artists in the same time), and that could be hi-res surround mixes taking the listener up on the stage with the band playing around and embracing the listener.
  • Music releases needs a hand forward. Quadraphonic mixes tried to be mainstream back in the 1970s. However, this required large and expensive music systems and was too troublesome and expensive for it to almost completely disappear. Home theater systems with surround sound emerged around the turn of the millennium, but there was not much music released that was easy to play on these systems.
  • Nowadays, all the hardware is present for us to easily enjoy listening to music in surround sound, so just missing the software that makes it EASY to listen to multi-channel music. Currently, not so many artists release multichannel music, as not so many of their fans buy it. At the same time, people do not buy so much multichannel music because their favorite music will probably not be released in this way. It bites itself in the tail. But new initiatives that make it easy to listen to music in surround sound will set in motion a self-reinforcing and positive development for the needy musicians!


*) Hardware only need some small changes if the amplifier is a stereo amplifier only; Instead of 2 big amplifiers for Left and Right channel it will need 4, 6 or 8 smaller amplifiers for surround sound. But no matter in what way, the total output effect is the same. If the speakers are active it should be easy to upgrade to surround sound!

Written by Jan Printz June 2021 (Cant. Scient. in Biology & Math. Surround sound producer, publisher, researcher and developer)

See more details about the history of music in surround sound and how it can prosper in the 7 min video on Printz Music Homepage