How to – more detailed

Surround mix can be made for the low price of 33 € for every 10 minutes (200 € for an hour) if the following conditions are met:

It requires:

  1. The tracks are available instrument by instrument digital uncompressed  (lossless compression is ok) preferably as 48 kHz 24 bit or better as flac (or wav/alac, where wav can have 2-10 times the size).
  2. If the album is recorded in Cubase the files can be used directly (tracks with special plugins must be bounced separate). Otherwise the tracks shall be exported separately as mono or stereo from the same time/place with all the plugins as eq, compressor and so on. If you want to have special effects e.g. reverb / delay in other locations of the 5.1 mix effects must exported separately. Modulation as chorus / flanger may also be omitted and instead provide information on how much and how to be added; So, it will be made in surround and gives a better 5.1 mix.
  3. Drums:   Tom-toms has to be for themselves as mono tracks or stereo tracks with two toms (one in left and one in right channel). The rest of the drums can be exported as stereo, but the more splited up they are, the better the 5.1 mix (The snare & kick too as monos would be nice).    Programmed drums using midi-files (or alike) can be copied into 3; The first with only cymbals as stereo (and the rest removed). The second as tom-toms like above (and the rest removed). The third as a stereo with the rest. All converted to audio of cause.
  4. We may share an online directory (like dropbox or the like) or we can meet in Copenhagen with a hard drive with the tracks.
  5. You have all rights over the album or have made an agreement with other right-holders that a surround sound mix of the album can be made and sold afterward.

If the drum track only are available as one stereo track the price for surround mix will be +50% (300 € for an hour)

If the instrument & vocal tracks comes without effect and mastering the price for surround mix will be 4 times higher (800 € for an hour)

     Along the way:

Choose from Quadrophonic/4.0, 4.1, 5.1 or 7.1 as the desired mix (5.1 is most common. 7.1 requires a lot of tracks to work out properly)

An iso-file of blu-ray or AVCHD-DVD with still-pictures can be produced for 100 €.

If desired, there can be made a contract that the tracks and the instrument files will not be shared or publicly in any way, but of course it wouldn’t in any case!!!

You’ll receive multichannel flac or a iso-file (in a shared folder) that you can listen to and evaluate or you can get past Hvidovre (Copenhagen) and hear the first few numbers in surround.

How to release the surround mix(es)

  1. From Printz Music’s website for sales and streaming as digital download with links from Bandcamp? (Prices here.)
  2. From your own website?
  3. As a physical DVD or Bluray disc from Bandcamp?
  4. In a other way and how?

     What are returned:

Multichannel flac or wav of each number or as a single file of the entire album in the quality the tracks came in. Optionally, making a Bluray/DVD – ISO file for sale (so buyers can burn their own Bluray/DVD. DVD’s will be as an AVCHD – DVD for playback on bluray players).

This may be for sale as digital download on your website or Most of that goes to fees for payment, money transfer and traffic of big files)

Is your album is released through a record company, you’ll have to make an agreement about how it can be put up for sale.


ReUpmix (Remix Upmix) from stereo tracks to 4.1 surroundsound.

For numbers or parts without the original instrument and vocals tracks for making a proper surround mix Printz Music also produces ReUpmixes. Give it a listen and see more here.