Advantages of digital music as download or streaming:

  • A very fast and easy way to release music.
  • Purchasers get the music right away.
  • Easy to have different kind of mixes where purchasers can download what they want of it. For example multichannel flac and Bluray/DVD iso-files.
  • Easy to correct the files if there is some errors with the files.
  • Fans can support the artists instead of listen to free versions on streaming services as Youtube or Spotify.
  • All pieces of music can already be listened to for free on streaming services such as Youtube / Spotify. So why not release albums in better quality that fans can buy (or get some of them for free)?

Hi-res music as surround sound embraces you and enriches your life, as a counterweight to noise taking away millions of years of our lifespan globally!

See the WHO report about noise problems here.

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Does so few music hear music in 5.1 because there isn’t so much released in 5.1 or doesn’t much been published in 5.1 because so few want to hear it?

As what came first? The chicken or the egg … Here it has enormous significance that most people don’t hear music in 5.1 because their favorite band often does not make music in that quality.

Printz Music will do something about it (and encourage others who can to do the same)

Why does humanity today listen to music in poorer quality than the CD format of 1980 ???

CD format from 1980 that is 40 years old. Compressed music from streaming services gives even lower quality. The advantage is that it’s easy to stream and you can have a lot of his music on your mobile and is therefore so common.

If you have some music you enjoy listening to and can hear it at least on standard speakers the quality of the CD format is outdated and streamed music even worse. Therefore, vinyl had a renaissance and has itself a better sound than CD audio sampled only at 44.1 kHz 16 bit, but the problem it’s crunchy and there’s scratches that are not supposed to be with the music. This is annoying listen to especially at quiet passages of the music.

By far the best quality of music is nowadays sampled at 96 kHz 24 bit and especially when it is made in quadrophonic (4.0) or 5.1 surround sound. It can now be heard multichannel flac files from a computer or on Blu-ray and some DVD’s (better than Dolby Digital only at 44 kHz-16bit)

Streaming Services could easily keep up with and deliver sound much better quality if the demand for it was present. It’s a shame that not even Youtube will allow 5.1 audio, even when there already is a choice of different qualities. This will probably only change when demand is high enough from the users or very popular bands.

From here encouraged to demand better quality, including 5.1 sound and bands to give their fans the possibility to hear the music in the best quality!

Why listen to music in 5.1 surround sound?

Most people are used to hearing music from a mobile computer or a smaller unit (preferably without wires) and got the sound in stereo or mono. This corresponds to be at a concert and hear the music from a certain distance.

But how many don’t want to get up in the middle of the stage and the orchestra playing around you?! – That’s the way a reasonable 5.1 surround sound mix will sound! But how many have thought about this? Just a few, and that’s probably the most important reason that people are not really interested in listening to music in 5.1 surround sound. Would you like to sit and enjoy a good album in a music system, it requires just a surround amplifier, a pair of speakers and wires to. This also goes against of the hearing 5.1 audio. Some have, however, a smaller or larger home theater system for watching movies with front and rear speakers that easily could play music in 5.1 or 4.0. Otherwise, there has been relatively cheap headphones on the market that has 4-5 units for each ear there can can give a sense of surround sound (Also works well in combination with gaming)

I could see for myself a new export adventure with wireless speakers and a transmitter that can wirelessly send music to 4 devices (Quadrofoni) or 6 devices via wifi, for here bluetooth enough not supply data fast enough. Perhaps new apps to what’s available in the market now could make it or just upgrades to existing software.

The difference is minimal for 5.1 and 4.0 (quadrophonic or 4.1 with bass to the subwoofer). They provide both audio in surround. 5.1 is designed for movies where particular speech coming from the center speaker. If one vocal or solo instrument comes only from the center speaker then it sounds too thin. But the center speaker can be well used to a little extra instruments, if there are many in the music.

The development of annual surround sound releases according (Not included jazz and classical music)

How great an experince is it to listen to music?

Experince index by Jan Printz:

In Jan Printz’ ears hi-res surround mixes sound twice as good that a CD stereo release.