Thanks a lot to Tesla for accelerating the transition to a more sustainable world and make it fast and easy to upgrade the car software.

An August 2023 Tesla upgrade made it possible now to playback/stream mp4 (also with 5.1 sound) and multi-channel FLAC from USB or the site where 29 artists kindly offers free 5.1 listening of one track or more from their albums: https://surroundmusic.one/free/But unfortunately the surround sound is downmixed to stereo before send to the 9 loudspeakers in the Tesla (Model 3). This is strange when it IS possible to balance the music to a single speaker to the left rear seat or right front seat.
Hope Tesla soon upgrade and allow discrete playback of the separate channels of surround mixes!

Before the latest upgrade mp4 was not playable and playback of multichannel FLAC only used the front channels L and R.

Tesla could also make high quality music playback more sustainable too for audiophiles and for artists and save power used on streaming at the same time making it easier to use USB storrage; USB sticks with 2 partitions for both for Dachcam and music playbeck could easily be sold from the Teslashop.

Most listeners choose quantity over quality streaming music from Spotify and alike, but these do not offer an easy way for fans to support their favorite artists like surroundmusic.one and Bandcamp do. 

Printz Music suggestions to Tesla:

  1. Update the mediaplayer to play all channels from multichannel FLAC discrete to seperate speakers.
  2. Make it easy to download FLAC from from surroundmusic.one and Bandcamp** where fans also get the chance to support the artists.
  3. Sales of partitioned 1-2 tb USB sticks making it easy for audiophiles to listen to hirez music

The artists on surroundmusic.one have been so kind to let one or more tracks from their album be available for free. So there are about 100 tracks to listen to for free in surround sound here: https://surroundmusic.one/free/ – Plus there are 9 free albums!
Thanks a lot to the artist on surroundmusic.one for promoting high quality surround sound!

*) Use a USB 3.2 memory stick with 2 partitions (both exFAT formatted). One for the Dashcam, with a folder named TeslaCam and the other for audio with FLAC. A 1 tb stick can be purchased for around 100 euros here in July 2023. 

**) Downloads comes as zip-files that could be cashed and unzipped (like the freeware media player Foobar2000 can manage). Into the media drive partition of the USB storage.

PS. You can stream a 5.1 test audio clip from the buttom of: https://surroundmusic.one/streaming/