Tesla Marking

Tesla is working on sustainable CO2 neutral cars with better and better and affordable batteries for more and more people. They are showing that cars can be made simpler, more effective (for example recharging batteries from deceleration as fossil cars cannot), more safe and especially driving a massive innovation against better and cheaper batteries. The exponential growth through Tesla Giga Factories really helps more and more to choose EV’s (electrical vehicles)

Improvements could be:

When the new improved and cheaper models for everyday people are released and the factories get installed solar panelles for the production then a 90% mark or better is likely!

Upgrade sound system to support surround sound. Those who want to drive even more safe could activate a kind of¬†surround sound attention system.¬†Besides that then the experience of listening to one’s favorite music in surround sound will also increase the value of having a Tesla. At the same time, it will help a hard-pressed music industry to release their music in better quality, which some listeners will surely want to support. If listen to music in surround sound is becoming a easy thing to do a lot will embrace being embraced by favorite music!

Tesla might be able to help the EV market forward by allowing others to recharge at their charging stations. They should approve an agrement that Tesla owners have first right to change from Tesla chargers. Tesla owners heading for the stands within the next few minutes, then other car brands will have to stop charging when the Tesla arrives.