The new sound

Music in surround sound sounds twice as good and will soon become much more common.

Playing from smartphones, tablets and computers to wireless speakers will make it much easier for a lot of people. The 1970s quadrophony systems was too expensive and deterred many from acquiring them. That’s why many bands stopped making surround mix of their albums. So releases and listening to surround music have been a very slow turning wheel that will soon get a lot faster!!

All music can be heard for free on streaming services, so why not offer the best quality music that people can buy and support the artists? When I can easily publish my own projects like digital downloads of multi-channel FLAC and iso files of Bluray / Audio-DVD, others can also! Record companies should help to offer music as the best possible quality and the same with movie companies with soundtracks from movies in high resolution surround sound.

Help get music up on a higher level and work to get the listeners up in the middle of the scene and hear the band play around the listener, instead of standing far away and experiencing the music in mono or stereo.

An APP to play music in surround sound from smartphones, tablets and computers will also allow music experiences in new ways from a bunch of friends sharing a surround mix over their smartphones and each playing their channel to existing stereo systems at home in the living rooms that can get added a set of wireless rear speakers or full-scale devices consisting only of a smartphone and 4 wireless speakers!

A small step for the music industry but a giant leap for the experience of listening to music !!!

Printz Music will work for all this will happen – Will you contribute?

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