Action areas

Increase propagation of surround and hi-res music

Show that it’s like being in the middle of the stage with the band around instead of experiencing the music from a distance in mono / stereo distant.

Get bands to take pictures that illustrate the above. This will be a powerful way to show people how music can be experienced!

Be in a network / organization for spreading better quality of sound.

Challenge record companies to help publish albums in better formats instead of just linking to Spotify where the music can be heard for free and in an obsolete format. Everything can still be heard for free on Youtube / Spotify.

Better sound quality

Reduce noise in the environment which, according to WHO, shortens life. Noise is a pollution that can’t be seen.

Widespread more music as part of treatment that in some cases may shorten or make the treatments a little less unbearable as well as gather information about it.

Perhaps cooperating with researchers who work with the effect of music on health and treatment.

Surround APP

Make it EASY to hear music in surround sound through wireless speakers and / or smartphones.

Must be able to stream FLAC and ac3 (Dolby Digital) or mp4 formats from streaming services and from their own hard disk over wifi (or possibly bluetooth if it can deliver)

Use algorithms to play up- or down-mix between 3.0 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 5.1 / 7.1 and maybe Atmos.

5.1 / quad mixing

Music in surround sounds twice as good as stereo, because there is more room for the different instruments’ frequencies; They sound more clear and natural and the music is not so compressed as in stereo.

Once an album has just been released as a stereo mix on eg CD or Bandcamp, all tracks (with effects) be easily be mixed in surround sound.

Possibly it can be funded from funds like or the first sale from (part of Printz Music)

Surround sales

Supports the artists.

The fastest and cheapest way to publish or buy music in surround sound like high quality FLAC / iso files for Blu-ray or AVCHD-DVD.

Not only be bound to regular streaming / CD / LP, each having its audio problems.

Albums can be in all lengths and not limited to LPs or CDs maximum capacity.

Remix upmix

Re-upmix can help publish albums where some numbers are missing some of the original tracks.

The experience of listening to re-upmix is ​​between listening to an album in stereo and a real surround mix.

Bands who have lost the original recordings could make a competition on who could make the best upmix from stereo to surround.


(In Danish)