Co Work with Tesla

How Tesla and Printz Music Co Work easily can make cars even better (and help musicians and their fans at the same time)

As Elon Musk said at the Model S PLAID Launch Event, the mediaplayer is under development. Printz Music can help that it can also play music in the best quality for connoisseurs and at the same time make listening to music less CO2 emitting!

The 30 sec elevator speech:

Hi & thank you SO much for making the tools that can take humanity to the next level!

We can do the same for music and make listening to hi-rez music more sustainable for the environment and the artists too.

If your media player are upgraded to play music in surround sound, then there is already 80 free tracks of music in surround sound for streaming or downloading.

Your cars will be better. Currently hard-pressed musicians will also benefit from releasing their music in better quality.

– – o – –

I, Jan Printz, has worked with music in surround sound for a couple of years now. I could become your consultant in surround music. I can show you that you will easily be able to become like the above, and make the world an even better place. It will make Tesla even better, help SpaceX (Starlink) and especially the musicians.
The music ecosystem could be much greater if the most important was the musicians and their fans.
If it just gets easier to listen to music in better quality, then a lot more will do that. This has also been shown by my own survey.

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Level of co work:

Level 1 Upgrade  – Upgrade mediaplayer for all cars to support multichannel FLAC/ mp4 placed on a micro-SD/USB drive or downloaded from with around 80 free tracks for now. It should be really easily compatible with your Tesla Designed Codec!

This will at last make it easy to listen to music in surround sound!

This could be done without the help from Printz Music, but I hope you mediaplayer departement will take a virtual meeting about it in any case!

Level 2 Upgrade – Upgrade your mediaplayer for all cars to also stream multichannel FLAC/ mp4 from the web, as the free tracks on Even if you continue using your own audio codec, I will recommend that you make sure it is able to also play open source multichannel FLAC or mp4. This will actually reward the artists who want to publish their music in better quality than just on Spotify / Youtube

I have a list with around 80 URLs of free tracks in surround sound and also made playlist files for opensource VLC-mediaplayer & Foobar2000. (Playlist files in the bottom of this page) These free tracks for streaming are always available for use, so people can always listen to some free music in surround sound. It’s for now hosted on a Danish server that sometimes can be hard to reach from the US. In the future Starlink could maybe make a better storage?

Printz Music can help with most information about surround music, having worked with surround mixing and releasing the last couple of years.

Level 3 Upgrade – Make the mediaplayer for all cars into an APP that also can be used at home connection to soundbars and wireless speakers. This can really make listening to music in surround sound much more widespread, and help artists to release their music in better quality for those of their fans who want to embrace themselves with the music they love.

Level 4 Upgrade – Make a new Mediaplayer APP for Tesla (or make it into a subprogram to the existing Tesla APP) so the Tesla owners can listen to music in surround at home through wireless speakers. In the development of such an APP I can be helpful with algorithms that can mix stereo music into 5.1 in an exciting and innovative way!

Level 4 helps tremendously in increasing the quality of how music can be listened to! It will be a bit more complicated to make such an APP, but imagine that four people with this Tesla Media Player APP meet and make their smartphone play their own channel. If a 5th person shows up, who also logs on to the Tesla Media Player, it will automatically play 5.0 (or 5.1 if one also has a device that can play the sub sounds)

If you would like to take over and transfer to another site like ‘StarSong’ (?!), perhaps in collaboration with Starlink, then we can also find out something!

This is the future for music and more possible different ways to listen to it in the way the listener prefers. It will change the world, as Tesla & Printz Music works for!
Printz Music can also help mixing your audio to your videos in surround sound, that will work no matter how many speakers the viewer uses.


About Jan Printz running Printz Music.

Printz Music is working for a better world, helping music in higher quality & surround sound to be reached easier, faster and better by its fans. Having the music you hear several times, most CO2 neutral if it is downloaded to a data store. This is offered by!

I have started the World’s First Surround Music Site for rock, electronica and ambient music in May 2017. A bit like Bandcamp, but supporting multichannel FLAC, Iso-files & MP4 with 5.1 sound. All albums can be purchased as high resolution multichannel FLAC, which is better quality than Tidal and Apple Music from which compressed Dolby Atmos can be streamed. 

Mixed and released the World Record in album releases with the highest number of different surround mixes. 9 different ones in January 2021.

Released the World’s First Free Iso-file of an album in March 2021.

Released the World’s First Free Live Concert as MP4 with 5.1 surround sound in April 2021.


Printz Music mixes music in surround sound using power from solar panels and releases music in the most carbon emissions reducing way. A better way than production of records, DVDs or Blu-rays is download of multichannel open source media type FLAC, especially if stored on hard drives or other data storage, and avoids too much streaming.


Printz Music is a one man company by Jan Printz since May 2017. Here also was started. Markus Reuter (Stick Men, Devin Townsend) from Berlin joined administration of in November 2019. have been grown as shown on:

For me it is not enough with a few % growth of music released in surround sound. It could easily be 100 or 1000 fold if it gets easy to listen to music in surround sound. See me explaining how on the 7 minute video on:

Here is the best opportunity that Tesla cars have the most innovative development and opportunity for collaboration with Starlink / SpaceX that could synergize all. See me explaining how in this 5 minute video on:

Before working with Printz Music, I was a high school teacher in biology and math for 25 years. In August 2019, he started the site Planet Earth Values The Most as an example on how different kinds of organisations could be ranked helping all people to make better choices. It also shows that Printz Music strives and honors to be among the companies that want the best for the Earth!
Wanting humans to give it thought about if they would like to belong to a successful species the 4 disciplines Biology, Math, Music & Space is combined the the video with still pictures from spectral Boca Chica by NasaSpaceFlight sunrises and milestones and music form own band Odyssey. Video with surround sound here: og with stereo here:

More about me and surround mixes here:


Hope you will co work together to make the world even better!

March 3th, 2022

Best regards

Jan Printz

Copenhagen Denmark