Tesla – Printz Music Collaboration

The content inserted Monday 14th June, 2021, contacting the Board (with no respons so far) – COLLABORATION WITH TESLA

Printz Music is making the most sustainable album surround mixes and releases. I started surroundmusic.one in May 2017. Downloads and sales from there:

The share of global surround releases here:

22,1% in 2019!

Printz Music is  a one-man company by Jan Printz.

Jan Printz – Synergizer with biology, math, music and space is combining the 4 things in this video showing odds for humans to be a successful species have gone from been under 50% to over 50% by the work of Teasla & SpaceX on this site:

Boca Chica Odyssey Video with 5.1 sound


A Tesla – Printz Music Collaboration would make so much sense!

  • It could make Tesla use the best quality of music
  • It can make it easy to listen to music in surround sound and really make it grow taking music to the next level
  • It can make it more sustainable to listen to music
  • It could help musicians to release their music in better quality and help them too
  • Music can be listened to in a lot of new ways with my algorithms
  • I can show you how to host mp4 videos with 5.1 sound, that also will play on stereo/mono devices or I can help you hosting it,
  • I can help you making surround mix of your videos and I can supply you with a lot of music in surround sound as background soundtracks.
  • I have good examples and ideas how stereo mixes can be upmixed into advanced surround sound
  • It could help those going to Mars with better sound experiences (It then has to start now)

June 28th, 2021

Best regards

Jan Printz

Copenhagen Denmark


+45 608 680 92